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Value-added real estate services

First impressions are everything.  An average buyer forms an impression within the first 15 seconds of entering a house (or viewing it on the Internet).  We look at your home through the buyers’ eyes and give you our candid professional assessment.  We then create rooms that invite the buyer in and make them feel instantly at home.  By adding emotional connections and improving order and balance, we create a first impression that will stand out in the minds of prospective buyers and renters.

Statistics show that homes that have been professionally staged sell 50% faster and increase the selling price by 6-10%.  A modest investment in home staging can result in an outstanding gain.  Whether it’s staging or redesigning, we work with homeowners, realtors and builders to create homes that are visually appealing and balanced.

What is Staging?

  • The concept and process of preparing a home for sale, keeping in mind that the way you live in your home and the way you sell your home are two different things. 
  • A process of cleaning, organizing, rearranging, updating, and preparing your home for sale.  
  • Changing a home back into a product with its benefits highlighted.
  • Placing a home in its best showcase condition to allow for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.
  • Allowing the potential buyer to see the house and its features, not the homeowners’ stuff. 
  • Allowing buyers to be able to ‘mentally move in.’